Syrian Army Continues Advances in Areas Near Aleppo City

Syrian Army Continues Advances in Areas Near Aleppo City
Sat Oct 8, 2016 19:31:49

Syrian army has continued its progress in the suburbs of the city of Aleppo and has captured several strategic regions on Saturday.

A number of key regions in Manasher al-Brij region in Aleppo countryside were taken back from the terrorists.

Manasher al-Brij is located to the Northeast of Aleppo city and to the North of Masaken al-Hananou where the Syrian army also had successful military operations earlier on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, the Syrian army troops and their Palestinian allies continued to beat back Nouralddeen al-Zinki terrorists from more positions in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city after hours of non-stop battle.

Syrian soldiers and Liwa al-Quds fighters inflicted major losses and casualties on the militants and took back the city's power station and nearby areas in the Northern side of Sakhour square in Suleiman al-Halabi district.

Fierce clashes were still underway in Eastern part of Aleppo, local sources said.

Meantime on Friday, Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces continue to push Jeish al-Fatah back from more buildings in the Northeast and Southwest of Aleppo city.

Syrian government forces beat back terrorists from their positions in Salahuldeen district and captured Khalid Bin Walid Mosque and Cable Warehouses, following hours of fierce clashes.

The Syrian army, meantime, advanced against terrorists in Masaken al-Hananou district in the Northeastern parts of Aleppo.

Heavy fighting between the Syrian military forces and terrorists was underway in Masaken al-Hananou and Salahudeen districts; FNA reported.


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