Russian Army Unveils Kamikaze Robotic Tank

Russian Army Unveils Kamikaze Robotic Tank
Tue Oct 4, 2016 13:33:38

Russian army scouts and Special Ops troops will soon add to their arsenal a unique kamikaze robot capable of destroying enemy tanks and fortifications by getting close to them and blowing itself up, Izvestia wrote.

Highly maneuverable and silent, this miniature robotic tank, built at the Degtyarev Plant in Kovrov, will sneak up on its target totally unnoticed and take the enemy by surprise.

“The Nerekhta system has been put on the list of future fighting robots currently being mulled for use by the Russian Armed Forces, a Defense Ministry official told the newspaper. “If the combat platform passes the tests, it will enter service with our army scouts and Special Ops troops.” The Nerekhta is built around a light armored rubber-track platform and looks like a miniature tank where the turret is replaced with an explosives-packed container. Weighing 300 kilograms and just over one meter long, the Nerekhta can haul hundreds of kilograms of high explosives at 11 km/h in a silent mode, Sputnik reported.



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