Iraqi Army Targets ISIS Drone near Mosul

Iraqi Army Targets ISIS Drone near Mosul
Mon Oct 3, 2016 17:51:48

Nineveh Operations Command has announced on Monday that the Iraqi security forces have shot down a drone belonging to ISIS, south of the city of Mosul.

In a press statement, the Command said, “Security forces from the army’s 15th brigade managed, this morning, to shoot down a drone belonging to the Islamic State (ISIS/ ISIL/IS/Daesh) group in al-Raka village in Qayyarah area, south of Mosul.”

“ISIS was using the drone to monitor the front lines of Iraqi army,” the statement added.

The Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq and Syria took over the city of Mosul in 10 June 2014, before extending its terrorist activity to other areas in Iraq. The terror group also committed many violations, genocides and crimes against humanity in Iraq and Syria; Irqi News reported.


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