VIDEO Shows Syrian Army Advancing in Al Shaer in Homs Against ISIS

Fri Sep 30, 2016 09:34:05

The Syrian Arab Army's 11th Tank Division, backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), continued their large-scale advance in the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate on Thursday, liberation several hilltops from the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, IS, and Daesh).

As a result of their success yesterday, the Syrian Armed Forces officially reached the southwestern perimeter of the Al-Shaer Gas Fields after a three-month long absence.

Video footage of this advance on Thursday was captured by Ruptly; it shows the Syrian Armed Forces progressing through the vast Syrian Desert enroute to the Al-Sha'er Gas Fields.

At this moment, the Syrian Armed Forces are still attacking the ISIS defenses, as they look to expel the terrorists from entire Al-Sha'er region.


string(602) "[{"id":"1863957","sort":"3633640","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/09/21/alalam_636100510920318547_25f_4x3.jpg","title":"SAA Continues Massive Offensive Against ISIS in Jabal Al Shaer of Homs"} ,{"id":"1818392","sort":"3633641","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/05/15/alalam_635989248962876764_25f_4x3.jpg","title":"Syrian Army Launches Airstrikes against ISIS at Deir Ezzor Airport, Advances near Al-Shaer Gas Field"} ,{"id":"1815133","sort":"3633642","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/05/05/alalam_635980669145034665_25f_4x3.jpg","title":"Syrian Army Troops Foil Daesh Assault in Shaer Gas Field"} ]"