VIDEO: Syria Militants Receive Foreign-Supplied Surface-to-Surface Grad Rockets

Wed Sep 28, 2016 20:02:32

A militant commander in Syria has said that its group has received foreign-supplied Grad missiles with 20 kilometers range amid the escalation of fighting in the embattled northwestern city of Aleppo.

Fares al-Bayoush, the militant commander, told Reuters on Wednesday that the new type of the rockets, which have a range of 22 and 40 kilometers, were supplied in "excellent quantities" and would be used in battlefronts in Aleppo, Hama and the coastal region.

Syria's militants had already received Grad missiles with a 20-kilometer range, but Bayoush stressed that the latest dispatch was the first time the militants got this particular type of rockets.
Each salvo contains 40 rockets, he said without elaborating.

Bayoush further complained that the militants had not received anti-aircraft missiles they had demanded.

A video posted on YouTube on Monday showed members of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) militant group firing Grad missiles at government positions near Aleppo.

Commenting on the footage, Bayoush confirmed the weapons shown in the video were newly supplied; Press TV reported.


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