VIDEO: Angry Construction Workers Block Saudi Road over Unpaid Wages

Wed Sep 28, 2016 18:14:07

Hundreds of angry Foreign staffs have staged a protest and have blocked the road over unpaid wages in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province.

Scores of foreign staff at Saudi Arabian company the Saad Group blocked a road in the Eastern Province on Tuesday as part of a protest over not being paid in more than seven months.

Footage sent to MEE showed a large group of mainly Indian and Pakistani workers stopping traffic on the road that links the town of al-Hasa to the Eastern Province’s capital Dammam.

Saudi billionaire Maan al-Sanea owns the Saad Group, which made headlines last week when staff at one of its hospitals began an open-ended strike over not being paid since May.

On its website the Saad Group says it runs “diversified businesses” in the Persian Gulf and has investments around the world.

The foreign workers striking on Monday have not been paid since February amid rumours that the company’s owner has been siphoning off money for himself rather than paying wages; Middleeasteye reported.


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