Iraqi Army Regains Control of Key Region in Anbar from ISIS

Wed Sep 28, 2016 15:05:35

Iraq's joint military forces started fresh military operations near Ramadi to seize back a strategic area in the Western part of Anbar province.

"The Iraqi forces kicked off their military operations to take control of al-Doulab region in Northern Ramadi," a senior commander of Anbar Liberation Operations as saying on Wednesday.

Al-Doulab region is located 70 kilometers to the West al-Ramadi and to the Northwest of the city of Heet.
Since mid-2014, al-Doulab region has been under the ISIL (ISIS , Daesh) occupation and terrorists have used the region for dispatching bomb-laden vehicles to the other parts of Anbar province; Iraqi TV reports.

On Friday, Iraq's Joint military forces managed to seize back the strategic region of al-Baghdadi after fresh advances against the ISIL terrorist group.

Al-Baghdadi region on the Northern banks of the Euphrates River came under the Iraqi forces' control.
The Iraqi army has made considerable advances in Ramadi, Heet and Haditha regions in Anbar province.

Last Wednesday, the Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters managed to liberate four villages Northwest of al-Baghdadi region from the ISIL control.

“The Iraqi Army liberates the villages of Ebla, Abu al-Ela, al-Sawer and al-Judafiya in al-Baghdadi region, 90 kilometers West of Ramadi,” Commander of Anbar Liberation Operation General Ali Ibrahim Dboun said in a statement.

“Iraqi Army forces raised the Iraqi flags over a number of buildings in those villages,” he noted.
“The liberation process of the villages came after the killing of 23 ISIL terrorists and the destruction of two booby-trapped vehicles driven by suicide bombers,” the commander concluded.


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