Syrian Army Deploy Hundreds of Forces for Imminent Operation in Al-Bab Region

Syrian Army Deploy Hundreds of Forces for Imminent Operation in Al-Bab Region
Tue Sep 27, 2016 13:55:49

Military sources announced on Tuesday that the Syrian Army has deployed a large number of soldiers in Kuweires airbase in Eastern Aleppo to launch large-scale offensives in ISIS-held regions Northeast of the province.

"Thousands of Syrian army soldiers, previously deployed in Southern Aleppo and Northern Hama, poured into the Eastern countryside of Aleppo on Sunday and Monday, as the Syrian Army prepares for a large-scale military operation near the ISIS stronghold in al-Bab," the sources said.

Media sources announced on Monday that the Turkish Army was reinvigorating its presence in Syria's Northern province of Aleppo to launch the third phase of its so-called anti-ISIS operation, codenamed the Euphrates Shield, alongside pro-Ankara terrorist groups.

"The Turkish Army is dispatching more soldiers and military equipment to Northern Syria to launch the third phase of the Euphrates Shield Operations to back terrorist groups, mainly the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to capture the key city of al-Bab in Northeastern Aleppo," the sources said.

"The Turkish army, meantime, has deployed thousands of soldiers at its border with Syria to use them against the ISIS if the FSA fails to capture al-Bab," they added.

"Turkey blamed ISIS of shelling its border town of Kilis," they said, FNA reported.


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