HOW Russia’s NEW TECH Gen 5th Radar ‘Can See a Soldier’s Helmet’ During Combat

HOW Russia’s NEW TECH Gen 5th Radar ‘Can See a Soldier’s Helmet’ During Combat
Sun Sep 25, 2016 13:16:09

Fifth-generation radar technology developed in Russia provides an absolutely unique resolution, which enables it to “see a soldier’s helmet” during combat, a representative of the United Instrument Corporation told RIA Novosti.

“The UIC has devised fifth-generation phased array antenna which can see 10 cm small objects with photographic quality,” the unnamed representative said, adding that “the station can see objects as small as a soldier’s helmet and send target data to friendly forces on the ground.

He said that the new radar station had been developed to keep an eye on enemy installations and that its high resolution enabled it to accurately determine not only the type of a particular weapon or a fighting vehicle but also its make.

The station picks up moving targets, shows them on a grid chart in pixels or meters and color-codes oncoming and outgoing objects.

According to the UIC’s representative, this new technology of lateral visibility with a phased array antenna can be used on all existing types of aircraft, Sputnik reported.


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