VIDEO: Al Baghdadi Island Liberated from ISIS by Iraqi Army and Allied Forces

Fri Sep 23, 2016 20:35:36

The Iraqi Baghdadi island west of the Anbar province was fully liberated from the Daesh terrorist on Friday, local media reported Friday, citing a joint statement by the Iraqi army and militia.

"Another victory was achieved in western Iraq, where Al jazeera operations command was able to free Baghdadi island completely from Daesh scum and was able to inflict severe losses in their ranks", The Joint Operations' statement said.

The statement added that the Iraqi army's seventh division, the 27th and 28th brigades, Al jazeera commandos brigade and Anbar tribesmen militia have fought together on this battle, they used swift and quality tactics and received air support from army.

Iraq has been fighting the Daesh (Islamic State, ISIS, IS, ISIL) militants since 2014, after the group gained territories in the country.


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