US Flag in Syria Soil and Turkey Military Maneuvering in Northern Syria

Fri Sep 23, 2016 16:40:25

Footage has emerged of Turkish troops and armored NATO vehicles active in operation Euphrates Shield, an offensive claiming on weakening ISIS but killing Kurdish YPG in favor of Invigorating the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Meanwhile 50 US Special Forces Rise US Flag in their joint military base with kurds near Raqqa.

Nevertheless, the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, IS and Daesh) has destroyed at least 6 Turkish tanks in the past month.

Hours ago, news also emerged that ISIS have retaken some 20 villages from the FSA, thus pushing back Turkish-backed rebels to Al-Rai, a border town neighboring Turkey.

Recently, pictures revealed that the US had also established a military base at Tell Abyad in Kurdish-held northern Syria, even hoisting the American flag on Syrian soil.

A new batch of US Special Forces have entered Syria through Turkey and set up camp at the Al-Monbath hill in the countryside of Tell Abyad, a Kurdish-held region north of Raqqa.

In total, 50 American troops - 10 of which are classified as combat advisors - are stationed at the base.

The crew is armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry and accompanied by 17 armored vehicles.

Communication equipment has been set up while US flags have somewhat controversially been hoisted at the base.

Effectively, US soldiers are now de facto in control two large buildings complexes near the Tall Abyad border crossing. According to a source close to Al-Masdar, the SDF is barred from entry at the new military site.

Damascus has not approved of the new US base which could, according to a source, be established as a permanent military base in the near future.


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