US Fighter Jets Bombed Syrian Troops for an Hour: President Bashar Al-Assad

US Fighter Jets Bombed Syrian Troops for an Hour: President Bashar Al-Assad
Thu Sep 22, 2016 15:47:11

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that US airstrikes on Syrian troops on Saturday were "intentional" and lasted for nearly one hour.

The US Central Command has said it may have unintentionally struck the Syrian airbase in Deir Ezzor while carrying out a raid against Daesh and that the strikes were halted in less than five minutes when Russia called the US to halt it.

Assad, in an interview with the Associated Press conducted Wednesday, also blamed the US for the collapse of a ceasefire deal brokered with Russia.

He said Washington "doesn't have the will" to join the fight against the ISIS group, which the US, Turkey and their allies have cited as the reason for their military intervention in Syria.

The Syrian president said the war, now in its sixth year, is likely to "drag on" because of what he said was continued external support for Takfiri terrorists and numerous militant groups.

He also rejected accusations that Syrian or Russian planes struck an aid convoy in Aleppo and denied that his troops were preventing food from entering the militant-held part of the city, Press TV reported.


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