'Don't Try to Find Me, I'm Ready to Die': Text by Teenage Girl Abducted by ISIS

'Don't Try to Find Me, I'm Ready to Die': Text by Teenage Girl Abducted by ISIS
Thu Sep 22, 2016 14:20:05

Alaaddin Cicek told her family: "I am going to die. Don't try to find me, don't ask me. I am ready to die"

A 15-year-old schoolgirl feared to have been abducted by ISIS terrorists told her family: "I am ready to die" before disappearing.

Funda Cicek disappeared from her home in the Turkish city of Istanbul on September 16.

The teenager walked out of the home she shared with her parents in the Tuzla district in the Asian side of the city and never returned.

She only left one message - a text to her uncle Alaaddin Cicek saying: "I am going to die.

"Don't try to find me, don't ask me. I am ready to die."

Funda's family then contacted local police, who launched an investigation.

After checking CCTV footage from cameras in the area where she went missing they found a video of her getting on a bus out of the district with an unidentified man with a long beard.

Her devastated parents believe that she was indoctrinated by some people that she had met on holiday and had been communicating with them online.

Her mother said her daughter had taken to wearing traditional clothing favoured by terror fundamentalists and that she feared she had been snatched by ISIS.

She had allegedly been acting strangely, even saying goodbye to some relatives, but her parents did not believe she was really planning to leave.

She said: "First she bought a black feraje (overcoat) then a huge black scarf, then she started wearing black gloves too. We had an argument a couple of days before she left and I threw away all her ferajes.", Mirror reported.


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