Syrian Gov’t Vows Fair Treatment of Militants Laying Down Arms in Aleppo

Syrian Gov’t Vows Fair Treatment of Militants Laying Down Arms in Aleppo
Mon Sep 19, 2016 22:28:13

Aleppo Governor Hossein Diyab announced that those terrorists who lay down their arms and surrender themselves to the Damascus government authorities will be treated with fairness.

"Anyone who surrenders himself and his weapons will surely return to normal life under the general amnesty order issued President Bashar Assad," Diyab said on Monday.

The Aleppo governor urged the terrorists to surrender themselves, saying this would be their best decision to make to put an end to all problems of people in Aleppo and enter a new phase which is based on reconstruction of Syria and bringing it back to the best conditions.

He warned that if the terrorists prevent the residents of Aleppo from leaving the city they will revolt against the militants.

On Sunday, media reports said that the Syrian government forces transferred a large number of the Syrian families to a safe place in Aleppo city.

Tens of families were transferred from the Eastern districts of Aleppo city to safer residential places equipped with all the needed accommodations and facilities in the city's Salahuddin district, the Arabic-language media reported.

The measure has been adopted by the Syrian government in a bid to prevent the terrorists' use and strikes on the civilian population.

The transfer of the Aleppo citizens to safe places came as the terrorist groups targeted Hamdania neighborhoods of Aleppo with rockets fire on Sunday, causing damage to civilians' houses and wounding a number of people.

Earlier on Sunday, a UN humanitarian group said it was frustrated by its inability to deliver badly needed aid to the divided Syrian city of Aleppo, as aid convoys were once again stuck at the border, due to failure by the Free Syrian Army's (FSA) to leave Castillo Highway in Northern Aleppo.

"There has been no progress, which is immensely frustrating for the humanitarian community on the ground," said David Swanson, an official at the UN's regional humanitarian affairs office for the Syria crisis.

"The UN stands ready to move with 20 trucks of food assistance as soon as we get the go-ahead, with another 20 trucks the following day," he said.

Dozens of trucks with UN relief supplies remain stuck on the Turkish border even as the truce, which started on Monday.

For the second day in a row, humanitarian aid was not delivered to the besieged neighborhoods of east Aleppo.

The statement came as the humanitarian aid convoys were once again stuck at the border, following the militants of Free Syrian Army's refusal to leave their section of the Castillo Highway in Northern Aleppo.

Due to the militant group obstinacy and their sporadic attacks, the Syrian Army Forces were required to return to the Castillo Highway in order to protect the Syria Red Crescent Society workers that were coming under fire.

The humanitarian groups will further attempt to deliver the aid again, however, there is no guarantee that the militants will leave the highway.

On the other side, The Syrian Foreign Ministry said the government authorities have done everything in their power to allow the passage of humanitarian aid into Aleppo's rebel-held east.

"The Syrian government confirms that is has done everything possible to ease humanitarian convoy access to eastern Aleppo. Meanwhile, the convoy's security is not guaranteed as militants continue shelling the road which the convoy has to take," the ministry said in a statement.

Humanitarian access, along with seven days of reduced violence, is a condition of the Syria ceasefire agreement announced last week by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, FNA reported.

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