Syrian Fighter Jets Destroy ISIS Command Center in Hama Province

Syrian Fighter Jets Destroy ISIS Command Center in Hama Province
Sun Sep 18, 2016 14:32:33

Syrian fighter jets targeted an ISIS command center in Eastern Hama, inflicting major losses and casualties on the militants.

ISIS command-and-control center near the town of Aqayrabat was bombed heavily by the Syrian army aircraft.

ISIL suffered a heavy death toll and its arms depot sustained major damage in the air attacks.

In the meantime, Syrian warplanes pounded ISIL's gatherings in al-Sha'er gas fields in Northeastern Homs, leaving tens of the terrorists dead or wounded.

Reports said earlier today that Russian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over the concentration centers and gatherings of Fatah al-Sham (the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in Northern Homs, inflicting dozens of casualties on the militants.

Russian warplanes targeted Fatah al-Sham's positions in the villages of Tir Ma'ala and al-Rastan, leaving tens of the Takfiri terrorists dead or wounded.

Fatah al-Sham's military hardware also sustained major damage in the air attacks, FNA reported.


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