ISIS String Unravelled: French Police De-Code Jihadi Rachid Kassim's Network of Evil

ISIS String Unravelled: French Police De-Code Jihadi Rachid Kassim's Network of Evil
Sat Sep 17, 2016 13:30:57

A string of terror arrests have taken place after police unravelled an encrypted messaging app account of one of ISIS most prominent terrorist.

French intelligence officers managed to read the coded messages distributed by Rachid Kassim to his network of European-based terrorists.

The warped extremist is believed to have been the man pulling the strings during several terror attacks in France, such as the murder of a priest in Saint-Étienne-duRouvray and the slaughter of a police officer and his wife in Paris.

Kassim used messaging service Telegram to distribute his dossiers of hate, dubbed “a public terror channel”, which offered advice on how to carry out attacks in private chats.

He is understood to have “remote controlled” a recent failed terror attack from his Syrian base.

It is believed Kassim ordered three women, including 19-year-old Ines Madani, to blow up a car packed full of gas canisters near Nôtre Dame cathedral in Paris 10 days ago.

A message from Kassim found on one of the women’s phones read: “fill a car with gas cylinders, sprinkle petrol in it and park in a busy street...BOOM”.

The women failed to detonate the vehicle and ran off before being captured by French police.

Two teenage girls were also charged with a similar offence last month.

Kassim spent years working at a child daycare centre in Rouanne, in the Loire Valley, but was radicalised by a local imam.

 After trying to indoctrinate children with his poisonous ISIS bile, Kassim was thrown out of the daycare centre and fled to Egypt in 2012, taking his wife and child with him.

French intelligence became aware of Kassim in June when he was linked to Larossi Abballa, who murdered a police officer and his wife in Paris.

He quoted Kassim online before being shot dead by police.

He also exchanged messages with the warped killers of Fr Jacques Hamel, 85, who had his throat slit during a church service by Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik Petitjean, both 19, in July.

French authorities decoded Kassim’s online web of terror and reportedly discovered he had been inciting people to carry out attacks with knives and other easily accessible weapons.

In response to their findings, French intelligence have equipped primary schools and nurseries with “alarm” bracelets, designed to alert police to a terrorist attack as quickly as possible, Express reported.


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