VIDEO: Syrian Opposition Forces Violate Ceasefire 23 Times: Russian Military

Wed Sep 14, 2016 08:40:28

Russian military has said that since the ceasefire has been put in place on Monday the so-called moderate rebel forces in Syria have violated the nationwide ceasefire on 23 occasions.

The so-called moderate rebel forces in Syria have violated the nationwide ceasefire on 23 occasions since it was put in place on Monday, the Russian military says. Six people died in Aleppo overnight while 10 others have been wounded.

The Syrian government is abiding by the ceasefire, Russian General Staff official Viktor Poznikhir said.

"Syrian government forces have completely stopped [their] shelling, except for the areas occupied by ISIS [ISIL/IS] and Jabhat al-Nusra militants. Unfortunately that can’t be said about the armed forces of the moderate opposition, backed by the United States,” he said.

US-backed rebel forces have shelled residential areas as well as Syrian Army positions, according to the Russian General Staff.

Six people died on Monday night following the shelling of Aleppo by the moderate opposition forces, with 10 others receiving injuries, Colonel Sergey Kopytsin from the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria said Tuesday.

"Five violations of the cessation of hostilities by the ‘moderate opposition’ in the city of Aleppo, which killed six and injured 10 people, were registered overnight following the introduction of the ceasefire," Kopytsin said.

He added that late Monday positions of the Republican Guard of the Syrian Army were targeted by sniper fire in Aleppo. Mortar fire has also hit residential areas in the district of al-Ansari while positions of the Syrian military in the same district were targeted by guided anti-tank missiles, according to the Russian military; RT reported.


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