VIDEO: Top 17 Airplane Crash Fatal Compilation 2016

Tue Sep 13, 2016 13:23:14

Watch top 17 airplane crash fatal compilation 2016 boeing 737 boeing 747 A320 A380 Aircraft Spotter.

There are several different types of emergency landings for powered aircraft: planned landing or unplanned landing.

Forced landing – the aircraft is forced to make a landing due to technical problems. Landing as soon as possible is a priority, no matter where, since a major system failure has occurred or is imminent.

It is caused by the failure of or damage to vital systems such as engines, hydraulics, or landing gear, and so a landing must be attempted where a runway is needed but none is available.

The pilot is essentially trying to get the aircraft on the ground in a way which minimizes the possibility of injury or death to the people aboard. This means that the forced landing may even occur when the aircraft is still flyable, in order to prevent a crash or ditching situation.



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