Turkey Fighter Jets Kill 20 ISIS Militants in Northern Syria

Turkey Fighter Jets Kill 20 ISIS Militants in Northern Syria
Sun Sep 11, 2016 20:34:04

Turkish military said its warplanes have attacked ISIS (Daesh / ISIL) terror group targets in Northern Syria, killing at least 20 militants.

A statement by the Turkey's Chief of General Staff's office said warplanes struck three buildings that according to gathered information the ISIS militants were positioning there, NDTV reported.

A vehicle and motorcycle were also destroyed in the airstrike that came less than two days before a US-Russia agreement on a ceasefire in Syria takes effect.

Turkey last month sent tanks across the Syrian border aiming to help Ankara-backed militants retake Jarablus, a key ISIS-held border town, and to contain the expansion of a Syrian Kurdish militia.

Turkish jets have carried out several strikes against ISIS targets in Syria since the operation began. But clashes have also reportedly broken out between Turkish and Kurdish forces in the area, FNA reported.

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