Russia Warplanes Target Terrorist Positions Aleppo in over 90 Combat Sorties

Russia Warplanes Target Terrorist Positions Aleppo in over 90 Combat Sorties
Sun Sep 11, 2016 19:35:00

Russian warplanes carried out over 90 combat sorties over Jeish al-Fatah’s concentration centers and gatherings in different parts of Aleppo province in Northern Syria, inflicting tens of casualties on the terrorists.

The Russian fighter jets targeted Jeish al-Fatah's strongholds in housing project 1070, near Hikmah school, al-Ameriyeh neighborhood in the Southern districts of Aleppo city, leaving scores of the militants dead or wounded.

In the meantime, the Russian jets hit Jeish al-Fatah's defense lines in Khan Touman and Khalseh.

Syrian army troops, backed up by the Russian bombers, pushed back Jeish al-Fatah terrorists from more buildings in housing project 1070.

In relevant developments on Saturday, the Syrian army continued to march on militant-held positions in Aleppo and seized control over more lands in the city.

Four more housing complexes in Aleppo city's al-Ameriyeh neighborhood came under the Syrian army's control after killing several terrorists and destroying their military hardware.

Meantime, the Syrian air force pounded the terrorists' military positions in the town of Haraytan in the Northern countryside of Aleppo city and Khan Touman warehouses Southwest of the city.

Several armored and machinegun-equipped military vehicles of the terrorists were destroyed the Syrian army offensives.

Meantime, the Russian warplanes launched airstrikes around the city and destroyed the military bases and arms depots of the terrorists in Aleppo countryside, FNA reported.

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