VDO: Watch the Moment World's Biggest Helicopter Lifts the World's Biggest Helicopter

Sun Sep 11, 2016 08:59:39

When an Mi-26 which is the largest and most powerful helicopter in the world needs to be transported through the air, the only other machine capable of doing the job is another Mi-26.

The Mil Mi-26  is a Russian heavy transport helicopter. Operated by both military and civilian operators, it is the largest and most powerful helicopter to have gone into series production.

The Mi-26 was designed to replace earlier Mi-6 and Mi-12 heavy lift helicopters and act as a heavy-lift helicopter for military and civil use, having twice the cabin space and payload of the Mi-6, then the world's largest and fastest production helicopter. The primary purpose of the Mi-26 was to transport military equipment such as 13 metric ton (29,000 lb) amphibious armored personnel carriers and mobile ballistic missiles to remote locations after delivery by military transport aircraft such as the Antonov An-22 or Ilyushin Il-76.

And that was exactly what happened when this Mi-26 needed to be shipped in for an upcoming military exhibition in the town of Kubinka, in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region.

And video footage of the huge helicopter being moved by another huge helicopter has quickly gone viral online as the unusual delivery was made to the upcoming Armiya-2016 military exhibition in the local Patriot Park.

The Mi-26 can accommodate up to 80 armed soldiers and up to 60 wounded patients on stretchers, and the way that the dust is being forced out of the way by the helicopter as it lands is testimony to the power of its rotors.

It has not just one but two engines, each of them has the capacity of producing 11,400 horsepower.