VIDEO: Iranian Kurdish Terrorist Group Training by US and EU Advisers

Fri Sep 9, 2016 14:08:11

An Iranian Kurdish Rebel Group received military training in weapons and explosives from US and European advisers, the group's commander told The Associated Press.

The group, called the Kurdistan Freedom Party, is one of several Iranian Kurdish rebel factions that have carried out attacks this year inside Iran, sparking a rapid reaction by Iranian security forces.
It is crystal clear that training of Iranian insurgents will alarm Tehran, AP reports.

Speaking to The Associated Press this week, the Kurdistan Freedom Party's commander Hussein Yazdanpana claimed that he recognized the training was for the fight against ISIS. But he said his group, known by the Kurdish acronym PAK, would continue attacks in Iran, adding that the fight against ISIS "was never an alternative to their struggle" against the Iranian government.

Iranian Kurdish terrorists have waged an on-again, off-again insurgency in mainly Kurdish areas of northwestern Iran near the Iraqi border demanding independence for Kurds.

This year has seen a new surge in attacks and clashes between the terrorists and Iranian security forces, including the elite Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), leading to casualties on both sides.

"Yazdanpana says: " yes, we have received training from coalition trainers and advisers, such as the Americans, the Germans, the Swedes, the British, and those who are operating training courses, also the Canadians and the French.""

Iranian forces also shelled Kurdish terrorist group positions just across the Iraqi border in response.
The main faction carrying out the bulk of the violence is the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, known as the PDKI, which is also based in Iraq.

Yazdanpana said the trainers "no doubt" knew who his group was. The "PAK fighters" wear uniforms similar to the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga, but with their group's orange and white logo.

He adds "No doubt they knew who we were and what the Kurdistan Freedom Party is, our identity was clear to them. But they helped and trained us within the framework of the fight against Daesh."

Zohra Hawrami, a PAK member says : "Even after the fight ends here and we go back to our houses and bases, it is like a preparation for Rojhalat (Iranian Kurdistan). Then we can start the fight in Rojhalat. If there is a fight in any part of Kurdistan we are ready to participate anywhere and against any enemy."