Baghdad Blasts: Two Blasts Kill Three, Wound 13

Baghdad Blasts: Two Blasts Kill Three, Wound 13
Thu Sep 8, 2016 17:56:45

Two bomb blasts in the Iraqi capital on Thursday killed three civilians and wounded 13, a police source in Baghdad said.

"An explosion went off at a traditional market in the Sab' Albour area in northern Baghdad, killing one and wounding eight others,” said the source, Rudaw reported.

In a second report, the source said that another simultaneous explosion in the Furat neighborhood of the capital “killed two people and wounded five others.”

On Tuesday, a car bombing in Baghdad near Abdulmajeed Hospital of the capital’s Karrada neighborhood, killed 15 people and wounded 32.

ISIS terror group claimed responsibility for that attack shortly afterwards, FNA reported.


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