New Drone Footage of Iraq’s Bloody ISIS Attack Shows Terrible Impact of Baghdad Blast

Thu Jul 7, 2016 09:35:56

Aerial footage has emerged of the site of the deadliest terrorist strike in the Iraqi capital since 2007. The death toll from the ISIS attack is nearing 250 and anger is growing over the government’s inability to provide security even near its own buildings.

The footage shows the devastated shopping center closest to the epicenter of the explosion, caused by ISIS suicide bomber driving a refrigerator truck laden with home-made devices into a busy square early on Sunday morning. Limp banners hang alongside its damaged carcass, with entire floors of the building, a popular social hub in the upmarket Shia district of Karrada, reduced to rubble.

At least half a dozen other buildings along the street are black with soot, the result of the original blast and a fire that raged for 12 hours following the explosion. Dozens of women and children were among the dead, with many buried under debris before being consumed by fire, RT reported.


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