Footage Shows Homicide Suspect Escapes Police Custody by Breaking Handcuffs

Thu Sep 8, 2016 16:20:32

A homicide suspect in North Las Vegas has been filmed escaping from police custody by twisting his handcuffs until they broke. The suspect can then be seen climbing onto a chair, removing a ceiling tile and escaping from a police interview room in footage released by the North Las Vegas police on Wednesday.

North Las Vegas Police Chief Alexander Perez told reporters that Alonso Perez was still wearing ankle chains and the broken cuff on his right wrist when he escaped last Friday.

It was another 25 minutes before detectives realized he was missing, the police chief said. By then, police say Perez had stolen a truck that had been left running in a nearby parking lot. It was found a few hours later, abandoned in a neighborhood several miles east of downtown Las Vegas.

Perez was re-arrested late on Tuesday when police and FBI agents found him in an apartment not far from where the truck had been discovered.

Police say Perez is a suspect in the Aug. 27 shooting death of Mohammed Robinson outside a McDonald's restaurant in North Las Vegas, AP reported.


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