2 Turkey’s Soldiers Killed in Clashes with PKK

2 Turkey’s Soldiers Killed in Clashes with PKK
Mon Sep 5, 2016 19:49:59

At least two Turkish soldiers have been killed in fresh clashes with militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the country’s volatile southeast.

According to the state-run Turkish Anadolu news agency, the fatalities occurred on Monday when government forces launched an operation against the militants in the country's southeastern province of Hakkari.

The report said Turkey’s special forces, backed by the army’s air and land forces, were still conducting military operations against the PKK in Hakkari.

The development came two days after deadly clashes in the same province in which at least 12 soldiers were killed and 26 others sustained injuries. Government sources said over 100 militants were killed or wounded in the Saturday clashes.

Ankara has been engaged in a large-scale anti-PKK campaign in its southern border region over the past few months. The Turkish military has also been pounding the group’s positions in northern Iraq as well in breach of the Arab country’s sovereignty.

A shaky ceasefire between Ankara and the PKK that had stood since 2013 was declared null and void by the militants following the Turkish strikes against the group.

More than 600 Turkish security forces and over 7,000 PKK militants have been killed since the collapse of the truce, according to the latest toll provided by Anadolu in July.

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