ISIS Training Wahhabism Ideology to Children in Ankara School: Turkish Daily

ISIS Training Wahhabism Ideology to Children in Ankara School: Turkish Daily
Thu Sep 1, 2016 17:45:28

The Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported that the ISIS is administering a school in Ankara, training Wahhabi thoughts and ideology to children and teenagers.

ARA News quoted Milliyet as reporting that the ISIS has a school in Turkey's capital in which it trains 30 children and teenagers between the ages 9 to 17 years old, including the girls.

Stressing that the Turkish officials are fully informed of the ISIL school, Milliyet reported that the militant group has rented the 5-story building in Ulucanlar street as an office but it is using the place as a school to teach and train the children.

It added that the ISIL has done the children's application registration and admission through the social media and will give them a certificate after the end of their trainings.

The daily also elaborated that the ISIS members residing in Ankara have shaved their beards to escape identification and peddle in streets, adding that their gathering center in Haci Bayram district in Ankara has been destroyed.

The report on the ISIL school in Ankara surfaced the media after security sources in Nineveh disclosed that the terrorist group has named a German kiddo for leading its execution squad in the province.

"The ISIS has started recruiting 10 to 17-year-old children and is using them for suicide attacks against the security forces in Nineveh and is now using the same kids for firing squads," the security sources told al-Soumeriya news website on Wednesday.

"After the ISIL decreased the salaries of its members, many of them have defected or are refusing to fight and therefore, the ISIL has been forced to use children," the source added.

"The ISIL has now chosen a German child as the commander of its execution brigades," he said.

A shocking new video released by the ISIS terrorist group earlier this month showed a British boy executing a prisoner with a handgun in Syria.

The blue-eyed white boy, identified in the video as Abu Abdullah al-Britani, was one of five children carrying out executions of Kurds in the city of Raqqa.

The boys, believed to be from Britain, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Uzbekistan, made statements in Arabic before raising their handguns and executing the kneeling men in front of them.

The child executioners, believed to be about 10 to 13 years old, were clad in camouflage gear and black gloves and their faces were clearly on display.

One of the boys reportedly shouted in Arabic, “No one can save the Kurds even with the support of America, France, Britain, Germany, the devils in hell.”

They then placed handguns to the backs of the prisoners’ heads and pulled the trigger.


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