VIDEO: People Hurl 150 Tons of Tomatoes at ‘Tomatina’ Festival in Spain

Thu Sep 1, 2016 14:27:38

Over 20,000 revelers hurled 150,000 kilos of ripe tomatoes at each other on Wednesday (August 31) in the ‘Tomatina’ festival held every year on the third Wednesday of August in the Spanish town of Bunol, 38 kilometers west of Valencia.

The massive food fight traditionally kicks off only after some participants climb up the “palo jabon” (soapy pole) to reach a leg of ham.

The ‘Tomatina’ fight originates from a spontaneous bust-up amongst villagers in 1945.

It was banned for a time during the 1950s at the height of General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, but has gained popularity since it was re-instated drawing a huge international crowd.

“This was crazy, people were very crazy and hysterical. The tomatoes hit you very hard on your face but it’s an experience that has to be lived. This doesn’t happen in any other place,” Christof, a French reveler said, admitting that he would not return despite being happy he had the experience.

At it’s peak, the ‘Tomatina’ attracted approximately 45,000 people, but it has now become a ticketed event with only 22,000 places, 5000 of which go to local residents.

Locals can participate in the tomato fight for free, everyone else must pay 10 euros to join the fun.

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