PHOTOS & VIDEO: Retreating ISIS Burn down Iraqi Town by Flooding Streets with Oil after Bombing Pipeline

Thu Sep 1, 2016 14:23:29

Desperate ISIS fanatics tried to burn down an Iraqi town they were forced to abandon by flooding its streets with oil and setting it alight.

Dramatic pictures show rivers of oil running through the streets just days after the extremists were forced to retreat from Qayyara in northern Iraq.

Thick black smoke can be seen billowing into the sky over the war-torn community after retreating ISIS brutes torched oil wells and blasted open pipelines.

Toxic fumes have blotted out the sun in central districts, producing an apocalyptic scene in the desert settlement which lacks electricity amid 49 degree Celsius temperatures.

The Iraqi army's Twitter account posted pictures of thick black oil in the streets along with the claim that ISIS had bombed pipes in a deliberate attempt to flood the area with oil and burn the city, Daily Mail reported.




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