VIDEO: World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park Opens in UAE’s Dubai

Thu Sep 1, 2016 08:55:55

Inside the world’s largest indoor theme park on its opening night, the IMG World of Adventure park, which spans 1.5 million square-feet (140,000 square-meters), attracted around 3,000 visitors on its first day in Dubai.

It hopes to attract 30,000 visitors daily with its Marvel and Cartoon Network zones, a Lost Valley Dinosaur zone and a “Haunted Hotel” along its indoor boulevard.

Among the rides on offer are a spinning Spider Man roller coaster and a Powerpuff Girls ride.

Visitor Sultan al-Suweidi says it’s one of the best theme parks he’s been to. “It is so nice. They have thrilling rides. We rode some the rides here and they are even better than Universal studios in Singapore,” he says.

At the high-end Marvel Vault store, an extravagant Hulk-inspired bronze and gold display that holds a pen with precious stones costs almost 115,000 dirhams (31,300 US dollars).

As temperatures rose to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) outside, another visitor Ali al-Subai says he is happy the park was built indoors. “Because it is indoors and Dubai can get quite hot these days. So because of that it’s a good thing. Like in the summer, this can be a great place,” he says.

The park’s visitors resembled the diverse crowds that Dubai attracts.

Saudi women dressed in traditional loose black robes and the full face-veil joined tank-top wearing British tourists and Indian families on the park’s roller coasters and rides.

Some families with young children complained that some of the rides stalled several times.

Others said they were thrilled by the adventure park’s indoor boulevard.

Despite a few teething issues, most visitors, including British tourist Tareq Collins, seemed to enjoy the experience. “Maybe need to look at more things for little kids. Anybody under 1.2 meters, I don't think it’s that good for. Some of the rides ain’t that thrill seeking, as to say, for the little ones but apart from that great. Very nicely done. Some of the other rides are not working but I am sure the people are working to get them done as fast as possible.”

IMG World Theme Park Chief Executive Lennard Otto admitted some rides did break down but says that will happen less often once everything settles down.

Along with its 22 rides and attractions, the park offers visitors 25 retail outlets and 28 food and beverage outlets that are expected to contribute to nearly a quarter of the park’s overall revenue.

The adventure park is one of two major theme parks opening this year in Dubai, part of an effort to attract 20 million tourists annually by 2020, when it hosts the World Expo.

Last year, some 14 million people visited Dubai, according to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

The highest share of visitors came from neighboring Persian Gulf countries, with Saudi Arabia topping the list.

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