China Must Be Cautions of Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman: India Minister

China Must Be Cautions of Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman: India Minister
Wed Aug 31, 2016 16:15:50

Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj who was responding to a question of Hindustan Times reporter about the visit of Saudi Arabia’s deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al Saud to China and Japan and the important economic agreements planned to be signed between Saudi Arabia and some East Asian countries, said that India is not concerned about the Saudi Prince’s visit to Pakistan, China, and Japan.

We don’t have any strategic concern about Saudi deputy Crown Prince visiting Pakistan, China, and Japan. He has had his major strategic agreements in his last month travel to United States and no big strategic deal is likely to be clinched in this trip. I advise the Chinese officials to be cautious of Saudi prince’s US-backed mission in China,” said the minister.

Following his father’s succession as King of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman has gained enormous power in the Arab country after he was appointed minister of defense in January 2015 and then in April 2015 took the position of deputy crown prince as well.

He has embarked on a high profile visit to a number of East Asian nations to hold talks on several political, economic, and cultural issues with the top officials of these countries.

He chose Saudi Arabia’s close ally Pakistan as his first destination on Sunday and hold security talked with Pakistani officials during this trip and is scheduled to pay visits to China and Japan to continue his days-long tour.

Some political analysts say that Mohammad bin Salman’s visits will be a turning point in the expansion of Saudi Arabia’s religious activities in the region and hence increasing the extremism there.

It seems that US secretary of state, John Kerry’s trip to India and the Saudi prince’s visit to Pakistan, China, and Japan are aimed at one common goal, Hindustan Times reported.

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