10,000 Iraqi Civilians Forced by Daesh to Migrate from Biggest Oil-Rich Region in Nineveh Province

10,000 Iraqi Civilians Forced by Daesh to Migrate from Biggest Oil-Rich Region in Nineveh Province
Sun Aug 28, 2016 17:43:10

ISIS terrorists forced thousands of civilians to leave their houses in the Northern parts of Qayyara region in Nineveh province as the Iraqi army is making rapid advances there, a provincial official announced.

"The ISIS has forced 10,000 residents of villages in Qayyara region to abandon their houses and move towards al-Shoura region (45 kilometers to the South of Nineveh province) fearing that they might revolt concurrent with Iraqi army's advances," director of Qayyara region Saleh Hassan al-Jabouri said.

He added that the residents of the villages of the Upper al-Houd, Lower al-Houd, Sirt and Hamidiya are forced to migrate to the deserts.

On Tuesday, FNA dispatches said that the countdown had begun for the ISIL terrorist group in Qayyara as over 90 percent of the city had been fully seized back.

Iraq's joint military forces started the final phase of Qayyara liberation operation on Tuesday morning and the city center, except few building complexes and a school, is under the Iraqi forces' control now.

"Over 90 percent of Qayyara has been seized back and only the communications building, a school and few residential buildings where the bomb-laden vehicles are kept are under ISIL's control," a battlefield source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told FNA.

The Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) have managed to win back vast areas of Qayyara city on Sunday as the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi army's ninth brigade entered the city at the same time.

The Iraqi forces are now driving out the terrorists from Qayyara refinery in the Southwestern part of the city.

Over 30 Daesh terrorists have been killed and many more wounded in Tuesday's fierce clashes.

Qayyara city is the biggest oil-rich region in Nineveh province as it has many oil wells there.

Last Sunday, Iraq's joint military forces managed to seize back most of Qayyara city.

The Iraqi forces had imposed full control over 75 percent of the Qayyara city and advanced from three directions deep inside the city.

Fierce clashes were underway in the Northern parts of the city as the ISIS terrorists were fleeing from the Northern parts to the Southern parts of the city.

The ISIS terrorists came under the siege of the Iraqi forces in the Southeastern and Western parts of Qayyara city.

Earlier on Sunday, Iraq's joint military forces approached the gates of Qayyara city which is 63 kilometers from Mosul and were ready to start the third phase of the liberation operations of Mosul city and its surrounding areas, FNA reported.


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