Turkey Has 50 Tanks and 380 Soldiers in Syria’s Jerablus

Turkey Has 50 Tanks and 380 Soldiers in Syria’s Jerablus
Sat Aug 27, 2016 13:38:15

The Hurriyet daily had reported earlier that the Turkish armed forces had 50 tanks and 380 personnel on the ground in Syria after three days of operations.

Turkey on Saturday sent six more tanks into Syria as pro-Ankara Syrian Rebels pressed on with de-mining work in a town captured from Islamic State (ISIS) this week, an AFP correspondent said.

The Turkish military on Wednesday launched an operation codenamed "Euphrates Shield" inside Syria to oust ISIS from the border region and also counter advances by a Kurdish militia detested by Ankara.

Turkish troops are supporting an even larger force of hundreds of Syrian rebels.

The photographer said that sporadic explosions were audible on the Turkish side of the border as the rebels carried out de-mining work in the town of Jarabulus seized from Daesh on Wednesday.

Turkey's leadership has made clear that the offensive is also aimed at ensuring that the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia, which has led the fight against ISIL in the area, stay east of the Euphrates River.

On Thursday, Turkey shelled positions of the YPG near Manbij but there have been no reports of further activity against the group since then.

Hurriyet said that the Turkish armed forces had been given an order to "strike immediately" should the YPG be seen to make any move towards Jarabulus.


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