VIDEO: Was Saddest Rio 2016 Gold-Medallist Actually Full of Joy?

Tue Aug 23, 2016 17:47:49

Ri Se-Gwang is the third person ever from North Korea to win gold – but he appeared to be fighting back tears on the podium

The North Korean gymnast known as the 'saddest gold-medallist at Rio 2016' says he was actually 'full of joy' following his victory.

Ri Se-Gwang looked to be on the verge of tears after scooping only the third gold won by an athlete from the secretive state.

The gymnast put in a near-perfect performance to beat Russia’s Denis Ablyazin and take home the title at the competition in Rio de Janeiro.

Eagle-eyed viewers who spotted Ri think he was emotional after getting a taste of the free world – while knowing that he will soon be heading back to impoverished North Korea.

However the Olympic champion told journalists he was in fact happy.

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