Syrian Army to Complete Siege of Terrorist Groups in Darayya Damascus Soon

Syrian Army to Complete Siege of Terrorist Groups in Darayya Damascus Soon
Tue Aug 23, 2016 15:04:48

Syrian Army troops' advances against militant groups in the town of Darayya in Western Ghouta have enabled the government forces to lay partial siege on the terrorists in the Central part of the town, military sources said Tuesday.

"The Syrian government forces have entered Central Darayya where the Liwa Shohada al-Islam and Ajnad al-Sham have been partially trapped," the sources said.

"The Syrian army has gained upper hand in Darayya and is to complete circle of its forces around the militant-held neighborhoods in Darayya," they added.

Also on Monday, Syrian Army troops continued to beat back militants from more positions in the key town of Darayya in Western Ghouta, capturing more building blocks.

The Syrian soldiers launched a fresh round of attacks on the terrorist groups' defense lines and pushed them back from Nouralddeen Shahid grand mosque and the entire buildings near the mosque.

The Syrian artillery units played a crucial role in army's advances.

Local sources announced that the army was engaged in cleansing operation in the Western part of the railway.

"Recent advances of the army have paved the way for government forces to carry out fresh operation in Central Darayya," the sources said.

There are several terrorist groups, including Shohada al-Islam brigade, Itehad Islami and Ajnad al-Sham, in Darayya, FNA reported.


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