ISIL Beheads Own Emir in Kirkuk on Charge of Audio File Asking Terrorists' to Pull Back

ISIL Beheads Own Emir in Kirkuk on Charge of Audio File Asking Terrorists' to Pull Back
Sat Aug 20, 2016 20:01:41

The ISIL terrorist group has beheaded one of its own Emirs near the city of al-Hawija in Kirkuk province after an audio file of his pull back command from al-Hawija city was released.

The volunteer forces (Hashd al Shaabi) Commander Jabbar al Ma'amouri said that major differences have arisen among ISIL commanders after they suffered major defeats in al Hawija in recent months which has also led to a rise in the number of executions of the ISIL (ISIS/Daesh) commanders.

In a relevant development last week,  the ISIL executed several of its own militants by forcing them to inhale kitchen gas, another bizarre method used by the lunatic group to show its savagery.

"The ISIL tied up hands and feet of its militants, put them inside a closed-door car with all the windows rolled up and opened gas hose sent into the car until they died," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed source in Mosul as saying.

The ISIL is resorting to different intimidation methods to prevent its own militants from fleeing the battlefield.

Also last Sunday, the Iraqi forces discovered a mass grave in al Khalediya Island in Anbar province believed to contain the bodies of 200 ISIL terrorists.

“The mass grave found in al Malahema region of al-Khalediya Island contains about 200 bodies of the ISIL terrorists,” the Arabic-language media quoted unnamed local sources as saying.

It is not yet clear if the terrorists had been killed in tough battle with the Iraqi joint military forces or executed by their comrades.

Earlier this month, the Iraqi army took control of three more strategic villages from the ISIL in Anbar province in Western Iraq, and destroyed the terrorists' military operations room in Albu Jarish region.

The Vinij, Haroun Baraziyeh and Omirieh in the Northwestern part of al-Anbar province are now under the Iraqi army's control.

The ISIL's military operations room in Albu Jarish region was also destroyed by the Iraqi army.

Meantime, tens of ISIL terrorists surrendered themselves in Albu Bali and Albu Obeid regions.

The Iraqi army also killed at least 70 terrorists, including snipers in the military operations in Anbar province on Monday.

The Iraqi joint military forces also destroyed three suicide vehicles in Anbar province over the past two days.

Reports last month that commanders of the ISIL terrorist group have ordered their forces and family members to leave their last bases and strongholds in Western Iraq as Iraq's military forces are preparing to launch massive military operations in the region, local sources said.

"The Iraqi military forces are preparing to capture the last ISIL strongholds in Western Iraq and the military equipment for these operations have been fully supplied and transferred, and we are waiting for the final order by the joint operations command center to attack al-Khalediya Island and Heet town in the Western parts of al-Anbar province," Head of the Security Committee of al-Anbar province's Council Rajeh al-Issawi said; FNA reported.


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