VIDEO: Russia Tests Multi-Purpose Anti-Tank Missile Kornet-EM Successfully

Sat Aug 20, 2016 17:02:45

Russia has successfully tested the new 21st century anti-tank (multi-purpose) weapon system Kornet-EM which is capable of engaging both ground and air targets.

The Russian Defense Ministry has wrapped up a stage of tests of the new multi-purpose anti tank guided missile system Kornet EM, which is capable of effectively engaging both ground and air targets, including difficult-to-detect-and-defeat helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, the newspaper Izvestia reported, referring to a source in the Ministry.

Developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau, the Kornet-EM is designed to protect the S 400 missile system from enemy saboteurs, armored vehicles and drones during route marches.

"The test stage was successfully completed, and the Tula system coped with all the tasks. We plan to wrap up the remaining test stages in the near future so that the Kornet-EM can be put into service," the source said.

Izvestia also quoted a spokesperson for the holding High-Precision Systems holding as saying that the Russian Aerospace Forces' command had heaped praise on the Kornet-EM for taking part in a simulated military operation during a phase of Army Games earlier this month; Sputnik reported.


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