70 Militants Killed in Aleppo’s Military Academy in Clashes with Syrian Army

70 Militants Killed in Aleppo’s Military Academy in Clashes with Syrian Army
Thu Aug 18, 2016 21:23:52

At least 70 militants were killed and dozens of others were wounded in clashes with the army and bombings of the Syrian warplanes in Southern Aleppo.

Syrian army units, supported by the air force, killed 70 terrorists and destroyed a tank, two rocket launchers and three cannons in the military academy region in Southern Aleppo, a military source said on Thursday.

The Syrian air force carried out 39 fighter-bomber sorties and 35 helicopter sorties over the past 24 hours to support the ground troops in their operations against the terrorists in Aleppo, he added.

During the airstrikes, several hideouts and gatherings of the terrorists were hit and two munitions depots were destroyed in Kafar Hamra and Arran in the Western and Eastern parts of Aleppo province.

Tens of armored vehicles were destroyed and dozens of terrorists were killed in strikes by the army’s artillery and air force units in different parts of Aleppo on Thursday.

The Syrian warplanes and artillery fire targeted the terrorists' positions in the surroundings of Rahbet Maarata, Dahret al-Shurfeh, Daret Ezza, al-Mansoura, the military academy, Kafr Naha and al-Atareb in Aleppo which smashed tens of their vehicles and killed a large number of militants.

Also, an army unit destroyed an armored vehicle and two cars loaded with ammunition for ISIL terrorists in Deir Hafer area in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo.

In Aleppo city, units of the army hit the gatherings and sites of terrorists in the neighborhoods of al-Shaar, al-Ansari, Qazi Askar and Qastal Harami, destroying a number of their vehicles, FNA reported.

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