Hezbollah, Syrian Army Launch New Operations near Aleppo City

Hezbollah, Syrian Army Launch New Operations near Aleppo City
Tue Aug 16, 2016 18:43:39

The Syrian army and Hezbollah resistance forces launched fresh military operations to seize back a strategic region near the city of Aleppo.

The army and resistance forces attacked the terrorists' military positions near Project 1070 to take back the entire building complexes of the project.

Meanwhile, the Russian air force conducted several airstrikes on Jeish al-Fatah’s military positions in the Al-Ramousiyeh District and Artillery Academy in the countryside of Aleppo city.

The Syrian air force also carried out concentrated strikes against gatherings and positions of the terrorists to the South and the West of Aleppo and destroyed a number of the armored and machinegun-equipped vehicles of the terrorists loaded with ammunition, killing scores of terrorists in the surrounding areas of the military academy buildings, Kafar Hamra, Khan al-Asal, Ma’rata, Khan Touman and Talat Bazo.

In a relevant development earlier on Tuesday, the Syrian army repulsed the terrorists' attacks on the Northern and Southern parts of the city of Aleppo, killing scores of terrorists, battlefield sources disclosed.

The terrorists have fled towards the town of Kafar Hama to the North and Khan Touman to the South after being defeated, the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

The source said that about 35 to 50 terrorists were killed in the Syrian army's counteroffensive in Northwestern Aleppo city.

Some 5,000 to 8,000 terrorists from 15 different terrorist groups have attacked the Syrian army's military positions in the Southern and Southwestern parts of Aleppo city.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Syrian army and popular forces fended off the terrorists' attacks on their military positions in the Northwestern and Western parts of Aleppo, killing tens of terrorists, including commander of Ahrar al-Sham's tanks convoy commander.

Seifollah, commander of Ahrar al-Sham's convoy of tanks and armored vehicles, was killed in the army's counteroffensive in Northwestern and Western Aleppo.

In the Southern countryside of Aleppo city, the terrorists launched an attack to take control of the cement factory to the Southeast of the strategic al-Ramousiyeh region, but they were forced to withdraw after several hours of clashes.

At least 30 terrorists were killed and 40 others were also wounded in the Syrian army's counteroffensive in Aleppo countryside, FNA reported.

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