VIDEO: Afghanistan Breakaway Taliban Faction Appoints New Leader

Tue Aug 16, 2016 17:26:09

A breakaway Taliban faction in Afghanistan has appointed a new leader for the group, the nephew of the faction’s longtime leader who was killed in fighting with rivals last year.

The video, filmed by The Associated Press, says that Mullah Emdadullah Mansoor was named leader of the faction known as Mahaaz-e-Dadullah.

The development reflects the complex layers of the insurgency in Afghanistan, where though dominant, the Taliban are not the only militant group waging war.

The appointment came at a gathering Monday in southern Zabul province.

The meeting was attended by tribal and religious leaders, as well as the group’s local commanders.

The video shows Mansoor accepting the leadership position among a crowd of gunmen, mostly young guards.

He is the nephew of Mullah Mansoor Dadullah who was killed in Khak-e-Afghan district of Zabul last year, fighting with rival Taliban.

Mansoor promised to "fight foreign forces" and exact revenge for the group's slain leader.


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