EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Syrian Army, Terrorists’ Intensive Clashes Continue in Aleppo

Thu Aug 11, 2016 16:17:32

The army and resistance forces have started a new round of clashes with the militants in the Southern and Western parts of Aleppo, and inflicted a large number of casualties on their terrorist foes in the first wave of the attack.

"The army units deployed in Southern Aleppo in cooperation with their allies repulsed a massive offensive by the terrorist groups in the morning and inflicted heavy losses on them in a counterattack," a military force said.

"The terrorists lost forces and equipment in the clashes and their armored vehicles, equipped with artillery and machine guns, as well as suicide cars in the clashes," a military source said.

The source added that the army also targeted the gathering centers and reserve forces of Jeish al-Fatah terrorist group with artillery and missile fire near 1070 residential area in Western Aleppo and destroyed their bomb-laden vehicles in the region.

"The explosion of a suicide car led to the destruction of several military vehicles belonging to the terrorists during the clashes," he said.

On Wednesday, the Syrian and Russian warplanes and army's missile units targeted heavily Jeish al-Fatah's gatherings and positions and repelled their attacks in the Southern districts of Aleppo city.

Government forces, backed up by Russian and Syrian fighter jets and army's missile units, beat back Jeish al-Fatah's terrorists and did not allow them to advance in Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo city.

The army and its popular allies further completed their control over al-Hamdaniyeh, they took back parts of Southern and Eastern areas of al-Ramousiyeh and cement factory, al-Ameriyeh in Northwestern side of al-Ramousiyeh and the area 606.

The Army's advances enabled it to monitor the enter communication of roads of terrorists to Aleppo city, FNA reported.


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