Syrian Army Destroys Military Equipment Just Delivered ISIL Terrorists

Syrian Army Destroys Military Equipment Just Delivered ISIL Terrorists
Wed Aug 10, 2016 18:52:42

A field commander has said that Syrian Army and its allies have made major advances in several strategically important regions in Lattakia Province, pushing back terrorists from this area and destroying military equipment just delivered to the terrorists in the coastal province.

The source did not provide exact locations that are now under the Syrian Army control, but said that militant-held areas in the city of Kinsibba are the most important of all recently freed regions in Lattakia, Ria Novosti reported.

"We have kept up such a fierce fight since the start of five-day-long operation and the level of pressure on the terrorists have been forced them to call for reinforcements from different regions in Lattakia and Idlib," the source said, commenting on the blitz offensive that took the militants by surprise.

The source also said that Damascus-led forces were able to locate and destroy new military equipment, including missile launchers and additional components that the militants fitted onto trucks.

The militants were unable to hold their ground even when they relocated to houses. Those who survived in the operation fled to the neighboring province of Idlib.

The latest victories will allow the Syrian Army and allied forces to push towards Idlib and take the border between the two Syrian provinces under control. The Idlib-based Jeish al Fatah militant group has used this area to arm and supply its members fighting in Kinsibba; FNA reported.


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