Video: Syrian Army kills More than 1,000 Terrorists in SW Aleppo

Mon Aug 8, 2016 10:42:44

According to Al-Alam reporter in Aleppo, Syrian Army and allied forces Kills more than 1,000 terrorists in south part of Aleppo. Also Syrian and Russian Air force target terrorist gathering in SW Aleppo.


string(402) "[{"id":"1847979","sort":"3600644","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/08/08/alalam_636062456084344379_25f_4x3.jpg","title":"VID: Idlib’s Rebels Punished by Russian Airstrikes in Revenge of Pilot Death"} ,{"id":"1847992","sort":"3600645","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/08/08/alalam_636062469464292287_25f_4x3.jpg","title":"Video: Syrian Jets Turn to Dust Massive Convoy of Terrorists in SW Aleppo"} ]"