Turkish Soldiers Kill One, Injure Two Kurdish Refugees in Turkey-Syria Border

Turkish Soldiers Kill One, Injure Two Kurdish Refugees in Turkey-Syria Border
Sun Aug 7, 2016 15:26:38

One Kurdish refugee was killed and two other were wounded on the border between Syria and Turkey, after Turkish border guards opened fire, according to local media.

Turkish border guards opened fire at the Kurdish refugees trying to escape from the war in Syria, killing one of them and injuring two others, local media reported Sunday.

The incident is said to have occurred on Saturday midnight.

"The victims were trying to cross the border into Turkey after escaping the Qelika village in the Kurdish Afrin district. But the merciless Turkish forces shot them, killing a 35-year-old man and injuring at least two others… Those unarmed civilians were trying to find a safe haven after fleeing Afrin where terrorists continue to bombard Kurdish villages and towns. However, the brutality of the Turkish forces has apparently exceeded that of terrorist groups in Syria," Walida Hassan, the head of Human Rights Commission in Cezire canton in northern Syria, was quoted as saying by the ARA News Kurdish media outlet.

She added that the Kurds were demanding that the international community intervene in order to stop Turkish violations of basic human rights, Sputnik reported.


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