Before Withdrawing from Manbij, ISIL Sets Fire at Residential Areas

Before Withdrawing from Manbij, ISIL Sets Fire at Residential Areas
Sat Aug 6, 2016 20:48:15

ISIL terrorist group's commanders have ordered the terrorists to set fire at the residents' houses before fleeing Manbij.

"After the ISIL was forced to retreat from Manbij in confrontation with the Kurdish forces, the terrorist group's commanders ordered them to set fire at the residents' houses before fleeing," the sources said on Saturday.

Kurdish sources said earlier today that ISIL's snipers opened fire at the civilians fleeing from Manbij to prevent them from running away from the town, killing several women and children.

"Some massive waves of people are fleeing Manbij regardless of the strong watch kept on the city by ISIL's security forces, minefields and snipers," the sources said.

"Most of the people have headed towards al-Sarab and al-Tariq neighborhoods that are connected to a road toward Jarabulus in Northern Aleppo," sources said.

"ISIL snipers gunned down two Syrian women, who wanted to leave Manbij, through a road near al Haj Fayaz grand mosque," they went on to say.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have pushed ISIL back from more than 90 percent of Manbij on Saturday and are now engaged in fierce clashes to take back the remaining 10 percent.

"The SDF fighters have captured al-Batah square and an industrial workshop in Western side of Sheikh Aqil cemetery and Northern side of al-Hazavaneh neighborhood," Kurdish commanders said.

"The SDF also took back the village of Mankoubeh only 800 meters to Northern side of Manbij," they went on to say.

"With the last advances of the SDF fighters in Manbij, only 10 percent of the town in under control of the ISIL," the commanders underlined.

"SDF has seized a large volume of arms and ammunition in it advances," they added; FNA reported.


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