Over 400 Terrorists Belonging to 22 Terrorist Groups Killed in Aleppo City

Over 400 Terrorists Belonging to 22 Terrorist Groups Killed in Aleppo City
Sat Aug 6, 2016 17:54:37

Over 400 Terrorists of Jeish al-Fatah and a coalition of over 22 terrorist groups have been killed in Failed Attacks to Lift Army Siege of Aleppo City.

"Jeish al-Fatah, a coalition of over 22 terrorist groups, has sustained at least 400 casualties and scores more of injuries and retreated from the battlefields in the Southern and Southwestern countryside of Aleppo in the last five days," several army and Hezbollah commanders said.

Local sources said that five phases of large-scale assaults by Jeish al Fatah to break through the government forces' positions and lift the siege on the militant-held districts in the Eastern part of Aleppo city have all failed.

"Scores of non-Syrian members of al Turkistani terrorist group, who spearheaded the Jeish al-Fatah attacks in the frontline, have been killed in the last five days," the commanders added.

Reports said earlier today that Syrian soldiers and popular forces beat back terrorist groups from more positions in Southern and Western countryside of Aleppo and restored security to vast areas after hours of non-stop battle.

The Syrian government forces pushed Jeish al Fatah terrorists back from the village of al-Ameriyeh in Southern countryside of Aleppo and Manashir Menyan in Western countryside of the city.

The Takfiri terrorists suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks.

The Army men launched mop-up operation in the newly-liberated lands.

The Syrian army's artillery units, for their part, shelled Jeish al-Fatah's positions in al-Ameriyeh and al-Jami'at heights, paving the way for the more rapid advances of government forces.

The Syrian army fortified its positions in the newly-captured heights and pushed towards Mo'amel al Baradat; FNA reported.


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