Iraqi Army Destroys ISIL Court & Seizes Bomb Factory in Mosul & Fallujah

Iraqi Army Destroys ISIL Court & Seizes Bomb Factory in Mosul & Fallujah
Sat Aug 6, 2016 15:31:31

Media officials in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced that ISIL Sharia Court and explosives factory have been destroyed in Mosul and Fallujah.

According to Iraqi News, the officials, in a statement, said, “Iraqi Air Force carried out an airstrike against ISIL, destroying Islamic State (ISIS , ISIL, IS and Daesh) Sharia Court in Mosul.”

“The airstrike was carried out based on accurate intelligence information and it also destroyed an explosives factory,” the statement added.

The Baghdad Operations Command announced that it has seized a factory used for manufacturing Hell Cannons and dismantled over 300 IEDs.

The command, in a statement, said “the Field Engineering Brigade of the Rapid Intervention Force diffused 48 improvised explosive devices in Fallujah intersection, while forces from the 2nd regiment of the Rapid Intervention Force’s 1st brigade seized a factory used for the manufacturing Hell Cannons. The factory contained 150 rockets, materials and aluminum pieces,” Iraqi News reported.

“Field Engineering Brigade also diffused 125 IEDs and 143 booby-trapped houses, as well as liberating a 5 km long road in Fallujah axis. Forces from the headquarters of the 51st brigade further diffused two booby-trapped vehicles, 162 IEDs and 150 booby-trapped houses,” the statement added.

The command further added, “Forces from the 3rd regiment of the 23rd brigade also diffused two IEDs at al-Obeid in Southern Baghdad, while forces from the Federal Police’s 4th brigade diffused an adhesive bomb in Jurf al-Naddaf.”


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