EXLUSIVE VIDEO: Syrian Army Inches Closer to Liberate Handarat Camp in Aleppo Province

Tue Aug 2, 2016 18:20:04

The Syrian army units backed by popular forces inched closer to the liberation of Handarat camp and region by taking control of several vital areas there.

The terrorists came under the government forces' fierce attacks in Shaher district which is very close to Handarat military camp when they tried to regain control of the lost territories.

Scores of the terrorists were killed and wounded in the Syrian army offensives in Shaher district.

In a relevant development on Sunday, the Syrian Army troops, National Defense Forces, Kurdish and Palestinian fighters launched a fresh round of joint offensives on terrorist group's positions in the Northern and Northwestern countryside of Aleppo to pave the ground for the liberation of Handarat camp and region.

Syrian government forces stormed terrorists' defense lines in the Southern side of al-Shakeif industrial zone and in Northeastern side of Sheikh Maqsoud to access terrorist centers in al-Jandul square.

The Syrian army artillery also shelled terrorists' centers in al-Jandul, leaving tens of the militants dead or wounded.

With seizure of al-Jandul and al-Shakeif, terrorists in the Southern side of Handarat camp will be trapped in the circle of government forces.

Simultaneous with government forces operation in the Southern side of Handarat, the Palestinian popular forces struck terrorist positions from Northern side of Handarat and are advancing against the terrorists.

Meantime on Saturday, more terrorists laid down their arms and turned themselves in to the Syrian Army troops and poplar forces in the besieged city of Aleppo.

"Terrorists in Eastern part of Aleppo are hopeless. They are trapped in the Syrian army's circle of forces and have no way out. They are calling for government's pardon in groups," the sources said, FNA reported.


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