AL-ALAM Reveals PHOTOS & TOP Documents: MKO Terror Group New Technique

AL-ALAM Reveals PHOTOS & TOP Documents: MKO Terror Group New Technique
Tue Aug 2, 2016 17:39:38

Shortly after the disclosure of Saudi ties with MKO group, the terrorist group members run away from Iraq with FAKE names and identities.

The process of emitting the MKO terrorists from Iraq has been more quickly with the leadership of America and Saudi.

"Zohre Akhyani" Standing in the middle

But the important point in this issue is that, because names of some elements of the terrorist group were blacklisted by Interpol, they were escaped with fake passports.

In this regard, in recent days "Zohre Akhyani" and "Hassan Nezam" who were high-ranking elements of MKO, have been fled in the same way.

"Zohre Akhyani" the second from the left

These escaped terrorists were among the top prisons' torturers within the organization.

In case investigating on this issue is in the way, Observers believe Iraqi governments should prevent the withdrawal of terror members who are in Interpol black list, because this adventure may have several consequences, including the continued cooperation with ISIS.

"Zohre Akhyani" the second from the right

 The following image belongs to (Former Intelligence Head of MKO) who has been withdrawn by the name of Ali AKBARIAN.

The following pictures belong to the members of the MKO terror group who have been ran away with fake name. 






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