VIDEO: Two Separate Shootings Leave Multiple Victims in Texas

Sun Jul 31, 2016 14:38:19

Multiple victims have been reported from a two separate shootings in downtown Austin, Texas, police say.

“Active shooter incident downtown, multiple victims. Stay away from downtown,” Austin police said in a message on Twitter on Sunday.

Police stated that there were “separate shootings in the same area”, but did not say how many suspected gunmen were involved or where the incident took place. Police also said that both scenes were "secure at this time."

According to local media reports, one woman in her 30s died in the violence.

Officers were clearing crowds from around the scenes early on Sunday.

Paramedics said people with gunshot wounds were spread across the area and they were trying to locate them.

Three people -- two females and one male -- were transported to the University Medical Center Brackenridge with gunshot wounds, Press TV reported.


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